SA1 face to face meeting, CERN

160/1-009 (CERN)



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Maite Barroso Lopez (CERN)



This meeting is 9:00 to 17:30 UTC+2
Phone number is: +41 22 767 6000
Access code is: 0153422
Or click here:

The conference call opens 15 minutes before the meeting starts.
  • Alex Kusznir
  • Claire Devereux
  • Diana Bosio
  • Gert Svensson
  • Helene Cordier
  • Hui-Tzu Huang
  • Ioannis Liabotis
  • James Casey
  • John Gordon
  • John Shade
  • Luciano Gaido
  • Maite Barroso Lopez
  • Maria Dimou
  • Nick Thackray
  • Rolf Rumler
  • Ron Trompert
  • Steve Traylen
  • Steven Newhouse
  • Sven Hermann
  • Tiziana Ferrari
  • Tomasz Szepieniec
  • Torsten Antoni
  • Wen Mei
    • 9:00 AM 9:30 AM
      introduction 30m
    • 9:30 AM 10:30 AM
      OAT milestones: review of M1 1h
      1. M1 status update
      2. summary of M2
      Speaker: James Casey (CERN)
      M1 Status Summary
      more information
    • 10:30 AM 10:50 AM
      coffee break 20m
    • 10:50 AM 11:50 AM
      devolution of 1st level operations support to the regions (C-COD and R-COD) 1h
      - description of the C-COD role and tasks - C-COD update: where we are today - C-COD staffing for Y2 - R-COD status update: date for all regions to join - R-COD analysis: metrics, issues
      Speaker: Helene Cordier (CNRS/IN2P3)
    • 11:50 AM 12:15 PM
      EGI update 25m
      Speaker: Steven Newhouse
    • 12:15 PM 12:45 PM
      release and deployment model in EGI 30m
      Speaker: Antonio Retico (CERN)
    • 12:45 PM 2:00 PM
      lunch break 1h 15m
    • 2:00 PM 3:00 PM
      user support 1h
      1. present user support model
      2. changes being discused: TPM
      3. example of a user support regional model, and implementation (tools, people involved)
      4. future interaction with developers
      5. coming challenges and risks
      Speaker: Dr Torsten Antoni (GGUS, KIT-SCC)
    • 3:00 PM 3:20 PM
      transition to the HEP spec metric and the impact on accounting 20m
      Speaker: Dr John Gordon (STFC-RAL)
    • 3:20 PM 3:35 PM
      coffee break 15m
    • 3:35 PM 4:20 PM
      Admin matters 45m
      - Analysis of resources spent in Y1: per task, per partner/country - from QR to country reports: plan for Y2
    • 4:20 PM 4:30 PM
      simplification to gLite deployment and configuration 10m
      Dear EGEE ROCS and Sites, EGEE gLite development and deployment would like to make further simplifications to the deployment and configuration of gLite components by a closer following of distribution specific packaging guidelines to exploit the distributions' standards. The most visible changes for Redhat and Debian derivative distributions in this process would be: i) Changing the current /opt/glite prefix to /usr ii) Packages will place files in /etc/cron.d/ , /etc/logrotate.d/ , etc .. Would you support this idea? Please provide your site's comments and questions to Steve Traylen preferably collated via your ROC managers. A positive response for change will result in both a rewrite of the existing gLite Developers guide containing the exact details and a plans for timescale. Steve Traylen - EGEE SA1 Francesco Giacomini - EGEE JRA1 Oliver Keeble, Akos Frohner - EGEE SA3
      Speaker: Steve Traylen (CERN)
    • 4:30 PM 4:50 PM
      summary and actions 20m