Introduction to gLite & RESPECT tools at EGEE'09 conference

University of Barcelona

University of Barcelona

Faculty of Chemistry (Facultat de Química) Martí i Franquès, 1 08028 Barcelona

This training event will interest those who are seeking to develop applications and managing jobs and advanced workloads on EGEE. The event is held prior to the EGEE '09 Conference.

Topics and details of presentations will be finalised later, however, the focus of the course is primarily expected to be a brief introduction to gLite job management followed by tutorials on tools from the EGEE RESPECT program. The RESPECT program (Recommended External Software for EGEE CommuniTies) aims to publicize grid software and services that work well in concert with the EGEE gLite software and thereby :

- Expand the functionality of the grid infrastructure for users,

- Reduce duplicated development when porting applications, and

- Speed the porting of new application to the grid.

The course will provide a brief introduction session on the capabilities of the gLite middleware for those who are not familiar with this software, followed by sessions highlighting the folowing RESPECT tools:

- P-GRADE Portal to develop and manage fault tolerant workflows and parameter studies

- GridWay metascheduler to broker resources and manage jobs

- g-Eclipse framework that allows users and developers to access Computing Grids and Cloud Computing resources in a unified way

Members of the EGEE Application Porting Support Group will also attend the event and will provide technical consultancy for those who wish to port applications to the EGEE Grid.


Speakers are from European research institutes that are members of the User Training and Induction and Application Identification and Support activities of the EGEE project.


The tutorial is outside of the main Conference program and additional registration is needed. There will be a fee of 50 euros for this event to assist with the room hire.
You can now register for this event. Payment should be made to the EGEE'09 organisers 'Mondial & Cititravel Congresos'. If you have any enquiries please contact - rmcconne AT

Venue and getting there

The training event will be held at the University of Barcelona:

Universitat de Barcelona
Faculty of Chemistry (Facultat de Química)
Martí i Franquès, 1
08028 Barcelona

This can be reached by taking Metro line L3 to station 'Palau Reial'
A map is available here

  • Saturday, 19 September
    • 09:00 09:15
      Welcome, introduction from trainers and attendees
    • 09:15 12:00
      • 09:15
        Introduction to EGEE project and gLite middleware 45m
        Speaker: Robin McConnell (University of Edinburgh)
      • 10:00
        Job management with gLite 1h
      • 11:00
        coffee break 20m
      • 11:20
        Job Management (continued) 40m
        Speaker: Gergely Sipos (Mr.)
    • 12:00 13:30
      GridWay Metascheduler
      more information
    • 13:30 14:45
      Lunch break 1h 15m
    • 14:45 15:45
      GridWay Metascheduler (part 2)
      more information
    • 15:45 17:00
      gLite Data Management
      Advanced lcg_utils
      Advanced LFC
      AMGA Hands-on
      Basic DM
  • Sunday, 20 September
    • 09:00 12:30
      P-GRADE portal
    • 12:30 16:15
      • 12:30
        gEclipse pt. 1 1h
      • 13:30
        Lunch break 1h 15m
      • 14:45
        gEclipse pt. 2 1h 30m