Phase ambiguities in complete experiments and PWA

Mar 13, 2017, 3:00 PM
Lecture Hall (Bad Honnef)

Lecture Hall

Bad Honnef

Topic 1: Spectroscopy of Baryons, Light- and Heavy-Quark Mesons Session


Prof. Alfred Svarc (Rudjer Boskovic Institute)


For quite some time it is well known that single-channel physical observables are invariant with respect to a general energy and angle dependent phase rotation. This invariance is called continuum ambiguity. We show that, contrary to well-behaved energy dependent invariance, angle dependent phase rotation mixes multipoles, and changes their analytic structure. A direct consequence is that without determining the angular dependence of the free phase, partial wave decomposition is non-unique.

Primary author

Prof. Alfred Svarc (Rudjer Boskovic Institute)


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