On proton deformation: A model independent extraction of EMR from recent photoproduction data.

Mar 13, 2017, 5:30 PM
Lecture Hall (Bad Honnef)

Lecture Hall

Bad Honnef

Topic 1: Spectroscopy of Baryons, Light- and Heavy-Quark Mesons Session


Mr Lefteris Markou (The Cyprus Institute)


The most recent $\gamma p \to p \pi^{0}$ [1,2,3] and $\gamma p \to n \pi^{+}$ data have been used
for multipole amplitude extraction at the $\Delta^{+}(1232)$ resonance.
The data have been analysed in a novel way, utilizing the Athens Model Independent Analysis Scheme (AMIAS),
yielding precise results with little, if any, model error. The benchmark quantity in nucleon deformation,
$EMR = E1+^{3/2}/M1+^{3/2}$, was determined to be: $-(2.5^{+0.3}_{-0.2}stat)\%$ and
consistent with previous results but for the first time free of model error.
Non resonant amplitudes up to L = 5 have also been extracted which test the
sophisticated phenomenological model used in nucleon resonance research.
The elaborate analysis scheme and its comparison to the traditional methods will be presented at the conference.

Primary authors

Mr Lefteris Markou (The Cyprus Institute) Prof. Costas N. Papanicolas (The Cyprus Institute) Efstathios Stiliaris (University of Athens)

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