Amplitude Analysis for exotic states

Mar 16, 2017, 5:30 PM
Seminar Room (Bad Honnef)

Seminar Room

Bad Honnef

Topic 3: Theoretical Constraints on Amplitude Analyses Session


Dr Alessandro Pilloni (Jefferson Lab)


The microscopic nature of the XYZ states remains an unsettled topic. We show how a thorough amplitude analysis of the data can help constraining models of these states.
Specifically, we consider the case of the Zc(3900) peak and discuss possible scenarios of a QCD state, virtual state, or a kinematical enhancement. We conclude that
current data are not precise enough to distinguish between these hypotheses, however, the method we propose, when applied to the forthcoming high-statistics measurements
should shed light on the nature of these exotic enhancements.

Primary author

Dr Alessandro Pilloni (Jefferson Lab)

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