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    • 16:00 16:05
      Invenio Status Update 5m
      Speaker: Lars Holm Nielsen (CERN)
      • Minimal V3 Roadmap:
        • Postponing minimal final v3 release until mid-/end-April due to
          • a) reshuffling of resources and
          • b) need to focus on tutorials for IUGW.
        • Sprint in early April with many seniors to push out releases fast.
    • 16:05 16:15
      Making it easy to contribute to Invenio: Brainstorming session outcome 10m
      Speaker: Lars Holm Nielsen (CERN)
      • Brainstorm session:
        • Question: How can we make it easy to contribute to Invenio?
      • Themes:
        • Break the learning curve
          • Ensure that learning Invenio is a gentle process through tutorials, demo site, training, cook books, buddy system, pair programming, thorough documentation, clean architecture, ...
        • Empower the collaboration
          • Ensure the collaboration is empowered to get things done by having the right processes, permissions, transparency and communication facilitators. 
        • Focus discussions
          • Ensure discussions focus on what really matters by automating anything that makes discussions diverge or inefficient.
      • First actions:
        • Action 1: Maintainer recruitment + simplification of maintainer and contributor guide (lead: Esteban).
        • Action 2: Buddy system: Develop guide for buddies that can be tested on next new arrival (lead: Paulina).
      • New repository to track progress:
    • 16:15 16:50
      Tutorials coordination 35m
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