US ATLAS Distributed Facilities Meeting at UCSD

Monday, March 6, 2017 - 7:00 AM
San Diego Supercomputer Center (Synthesis Center)

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Mar 6, 2017
9:00 AM State of the US ATLAS Computing Facility - Robert William Gardner Jr (University of Chicago (US))   (Synthesis Center)
9:05 AM ADC requirements and recommendations for sites - Wei Yang (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (US)) Robert Ball (University of Michigan (US))   (Synthesis Center)
9:20 AM HTCondorCE to AGIS - Instructions - John Raymond Hover (Brookhaven National Laboratory (US)) John Hover (Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL)-Unknown-Unknown)   (Synthesis Center)
9:25 AM Brief Site Reports   (Synthesis Center)
10:45 AM --- Coffee break ---
11:00 AM Monitoring and Analytics: Site Dashboards - Ilija Vukotic (University of Chicago (US))   (Synthesis Center)
11:20 AM Analysis Facilities & User Support - Ayana Tamu Arce (Duke University (US)) Doug Benjamin (Duke University (US)) Kevin Black (Boston University)   (Synthesis Center)
11:40 AM XRootD Proxy Caches for Tier-3 Centers - Andrew Hanushevsky (STANFORD LINEAR ACCELERATOR CENTER) Wei Yang (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (US)) Doug Benjamin (Duke University (US))   (Synthesis Center)
12:00 PM Discussion   (Synthesis Center)
12:30 PM --- Lunch ---
2:00 PM HPC Integration @ DOE sites, Harvester Deployment & Operation - Doug Benjamin (Duke University (US))   (Synthesis Center)
2:20 PM Event Service - Vakho Tsulaia (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (US))   (Synthesis Center)
2:40 PM ATLAS Connect - David Lesny (Univ. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (US))   (Synthesis Center)
2:55 PM Ceph lightnings - Saul Youssef (Unknown) Shawn Mc Kee (University of Michigan (US)) Prof. Saul Youssef (Boston University (US))   (Synthesis Center)
3:25 PM Container Lightning - Lincoln Bryant (University of Chicago (US))   (Synthesis Center)
3:35 PM BNL Box, Own Cloud - Hironori Ito (Brookhaven National Laboratory (US))   (Synthesis Center)
4:00 PM --- Coffee ---
4:30 PM
Joint ATLAS, CMS, Intensity Frontier Session (until 5:45 PM) (SDSC Auditorium)