LHC detector simulations: status, needs and prospects

60/6-015 - Room Georges Charpak (Room F) (CERN)

60/6-015 - Room Georges Charpak (Room F)


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Alberto Ribon (CERN) , Witold Pokorski (CERN)

This is the third Workshop on this topic, following the first one in October 2011 (agenda) and the second in March 2014 (agenda). The goal is to update the assessment of the status of LHC detector simulations, including the validation against data, the definition of the future needs for analysis work and for upgrade R&D studies, and the progress in the development of the tools. The workshop will bring together the current experience of the users from the experiments' physics performance groups, and the developers of the major simulation codes.

More details on the proposed format and plan will be announced shortly.


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  • Alberto Ribon
  • Andrea Giammanco
  • Andreas Morsch
  • Andrei Gheata
  • Andrew Haas
  • Anirban Saha
  • Anna Zaborowska
  • Evgueni Tcherniaev
  • Farah HARIRI
  • Federica Fabbri
  • Frederic Alexandre Dreyer
  • Gabriele Cosmo
  • Gloria Corti
  • Guillaume Unal
  • Gunter Folger
  • Ianna Osborne
  • Ivana Hrivnacova
  • Jana Schaarschmidt
  • John Apostolakis
  • John Derek Chapman
  • John Harvey
  • Katja Krueger
  • Makoto Asai
  • Marc Verderi
  • Marilena Bandieramonte
  • Matteo Rama
  • Mohammed Mahmoud Mohammed
  • Murdo Thomas Traill
  • Nora Emilia Pettersson
  • Peter Loch
  • Petr Jacka
  • Sergey Bityukov
  • Sezen Sekmen
  • Simone Amoroso
  • Sofia Vallecorsa
  • Stefan Richter
  • Sunanda Banerjee
  • Tadej Novak
  • Valentin Volkl
  • Vincent Pascuzzi
  • Vladimir Ivantchenko
  • William Axel Leight
  • Witold Pokorski