ISOLDE Seminar

Simple questions of nuclear structure

by Ronald Fernando Garcia Ruiz (CERN)

26/1-22 (CERN)



Besides the complexity of the nuclear many-body problem, nuclear properties exhibit strikingly regular patterns in the neighborhood of the so-called “doubly-magic” nuclei. These apparently simple structures have motivated the development of simple (but very useful) models of nuclear structure. While simplicity was traditionally a key word in nuclear theory, the recent developments in ab-initio methods and effective field theories pose an opposite approach to the nuclear-many body problem. The emergence of nuclear phenomena, such as shell-closures and mean-fields, are expected to be understood in terms of microscopic degrees of freedom. In this seminar, we will discuss recent results from collinear laser spectroscopy, in addition to the future experimental programs focused on studying isotopes around doubly-magic nuclei. The relevance of these results, in connection with the emergence of nuclear phenomena and the recent developments in nuclear theory, will be discussed.
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