France-Japan workshop on physics analysis in the ALICE experiment

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Other Institutes

RESTAURANT A L’ANCIENNE DOUANE 6 rue de la douane 67 000 Strasbourg +33 3 88 15 78 78
Rachid Guernane (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FR)) , Tatsuya Chujo (University of Tsukuba (JP))

The Japan - France analysis workshop will discuss seminal topics of the ALICE physics in p+p, p+Pb and Pb+Pb collisions.  A list of topics:

  • Direct photon and neutral particle identification with calorimeters
  • Full jet reconstruction
  • Jet composition, B tagging
  • Direct photon / Identified hadron-jet correlations
  • Calorimeter trigger developments
  • Theory in jet quenching and beauty jets
  • Open beauty production in the semileptonic and jpsi decay
  • Quarkonia
  • ALICE upgrade projet

It will also cover parts of the ALICE detector upgrade for Run2 and Run3, perspectives of measurements to be done by ALICE in Run2 as well as theoretical presentations.

It will take place at Strasbourg

    • 10:00 12:00
      • 10:00
        ALICE physics perspectives for RUN2 and RUN3 40m
        Speaker: Marco Van Leeuwen (Nikhef National institute for subatomic physics (NL))
      • 10:40
        Which data does theory require to progress 40m
      • 11:20
        France-Japan cooperation program: calorimeters 20m
        Speakers: Rachid Guernane (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FR)) , Tatsuya Chujo (University of Tsukuba (JP))
      • 11:40
        France-Japan scientific program: trackers 20m
        Speaker: Dr. Gines Martinez-Garcia (Subatech CNRS)
    • 14:00 18:00
      Jets & Photons
      • 14:00
        Present and future directions in jet physics 30m
        Speaker: Oliver Busch (University of Tsukuba (JP))
      • 14:30
        What is a jet (theory)? 30m
      • 15:00
        Charget jet spectra in Pb-Pb at 5.02 TeV 20m
        Speaker: Hiroki Yokoyama (University of Tsukuba (JP))
      • 15:20
        Charged jet spectra in pp at 5.02 TeV 20m
        Speaker: Ritsuya Hosokawa (University of Tsukuba (JP))
      • 15:40
        (Full) di-jet in Pb-Pb at 5.02 TeV 20m
        Speaker: Byungchul Kim (University of Tsukuba (JP))
      • 16:00
        relax 20m
      • 16:20
        Present and future directions in photon physics 30m
        Speaker: Ana Marin (GSI - Helmholtzzentrum fur Schwerionenforschung GmbH (DE))
      • 16:50
        What do photons tell us about the QGP ? 30m
      • 17:20
        Photon-hadron correlations in p-Pb 20m
        Speaker: Astrid Vauthier (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FR))
      • 17:40
        Direct photons 20m
        Speaker: Marie Germain (Subatech, IN2P3-CNRS (FR))
    • 09:00 12:00
      Heavy Flavor, Dileptons & Quarkonia: Heavy-Flavour, Dileptons & Quarkonia
      • 09:00
        Present and future direction in heavy-flavor physics 30m
        Speaker: Zaida Conesa Del Valle (Universite de Paris-Sud 11 (FR))
      • 09:30
        What else should we know about heavy-flavor and QGP ? 30m
      • 10:00
        relax 20m
      • 10:20
        Heavy-flavor to electrons 20m
        Speaker: Shingo Sakai (University of Tsukuba (JP))
      • 10:40
        b-tagging in p-Pb 20m
        Speaker: Min Jung Kweon (Inha University (KR))
      • 11:00
        D mesons in pp, p-Pb and PbPb 20m
        Speaker: Julien Charles Hamon (Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien (FR))
      • 11:20
        Quarkonia in pp, p-Pb and Pb-Pb 20m
        Speaker: Benjamin Audurier (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FR))
      • 11:40
        Low mass di-leptons 20m
        Speaker: Antonio Uras (Universite Claude Bernard-Lyon I (FR))
    • 14:00 17:00
      Upgrade & Future Experiments
      • 14:00
        What is RIVET and why we should use it ? 20m
        Speaker: Antonin Maire (Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien (FR))
      • 14:20
        IS upgrade & O2 30m
        Speaker: Jouri Belikov (Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien (FR))
      • 14:50
        MFT 20m
        Speaker: Raphael Tieulent (Université de Lyon, CNRS/IN2P3, IPN-Lyon)
      • 15:10
        O2 and future Tiers in Japan 20m
        Speaker: Toru Sugitate (Hiroshima University (JP))
      • 15:30
        relax 20m
      • 15:50
        FoCal. the detector 20m
        Speaker: Motoi Inaba (University of Tsukuba (JP))
      • 16:10
        FoCal: the physics 20m
        Speaker: Tatsuya Chujo (University of Tsukuba (JP))
      • 16:30
        J-PARC heavy-ion 20m
        Speaker: Hiroyuki Sako