Architects Forum Meeting

32/S-C22 (CERN)



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Dial-in numbers: 71400 (CERN), +41227671400
Vidyo meeting Numeric Extension: 10287102


Marco Cattaneo, Marco Clemencic, Gabriele Cosmo, Charles Delort, Giulio Eulisse, Gerardo Ganis, Benedikt Hegner, Walter Lampl, Pere Mato, Patricia Mendez, Andre Sailer, Andrea Valassi

CMS excused

Follow up on last meeting

Last one virtual - no contributions

Line Management Issues

  • Google Summer of Code (GSoC) now managed via CERN/HSF as an umbrella organization. Very successful in collecting projects and 26 students will be paid by Google.
  • HSF Position is proceeding with recruitment. Selection board took already place.

LHCC report

No feedback on AA projects. Positive feedback to GSoC preparations. Asking for updates about CWP during next LHCC.

LIM Report

  • Two machines with avx2 have been added
  • Gcc 7 available in CVMFS and LCG nightlies are being provided. Following a change in conventions on the gcc side, the second compiler digit has been dropped for the LCG platform
  • ICC17 builds are blocked by a compiler bug 
  • Thanks to ATLAS for helping to understand the slowness of the CVMFS publication of the nightlies. The limit was in the garbage collection
  • Phasing out of Qt4 in favour of Qt5
  • Started providing releases for the BE department. Due to firewall settings they had to deploy LCG 88 in their NFS area instead of using the CVMFS installation

Project Reports


  • CVMFS 2.3.5 released end of March
  • New 2.4 expected in July to speed up the publication

Persistency Framework

nothing to report


  • Preparing for the HSF Workshop on the Analysis-Eco System in Amsterdam
  • Improvements in CI for github and jenkins integration reduced the feedback time to half an hour
  • Studied and improved test coverage. Some parts are not properly tested yet with an overall coverage of 38%
    • Q. by Giulio/Andre - which tools are used? A.: gcov flags and similar
    • Suggestion by Giulio to use and pymock
  • Progress on static analysis and follow-up on Coverity reports
  • Rapid progress on TDataFrame design and implementation
  • GCC 7 work and C++ module development ongoing
  • Branch for ROOT 6.10 will be created next week
    • Comment by experiments: 6.8 branch will need to stay for production
  • ROOT 7 preparations slowed down due to preparation for the Amsterdam workshop
  • Graphics and GUI discussions progressing well. The goal is to retire traditional GUIs in the long-term and to replace it with Browser/JavaScript based GUIs

Simulation Project

  • Development release last week 
  • Beta-release end of June. The 10.4beta is build against latest version of CLHEP 2.3.44
  • working on gcc 7.1 gcc 4.8
  • Preparing for  LPCC workshop on simulation vs. data in June



  • Thanks to Patricia for the work on the nightlies and setting up AVX2
  • Remarked that the GCC7 builds happen very late and only in the afternoon
    • to be followed up by Patricia
  • site request: asking for Qtwebkit in Qt5 as external module
  • In preparation for the AFS phase-out the Gaudi website moved to EOS


not present


nothing to report


  • Production version now using git and CMake
  • Updated to LCG 88


  • Moved code to github
    • Triggered discussion on slowness of CERN's gitlab service and problems of certain features (i.e. the 'squash button')



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    • 14:00 14:10
      Line Management Issues 10m
      Speaker: Pere Mato Vila (CERN)
    • 14:10 14:20
      Report from the LIM meeting 10m
      Speaker: Dr Patricia Mendez Lorenzo (CERN)
    • 14:20 14:30
      Status of Projects 10m
    • 14:30 14:40
      Experiments Feedback 10m