WLCG Data Steering Group

28/R-015 (CERN)



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WLCG Data Steering Group

  • Review Google doc;
  • Correspondences
    • Where are the shared interests?
  • Making progress
    • Mechanisms available
    • Forthcoming meetings
      • preGDB slot May or later
      • WLCG Workshop (19th-21st June)
      • CWP meeting (end of May?)
  • Next steps
    • Documentation of first phase





WLCG Data Steering - 28th March

andrea c
andrew h
martin b
oliver k
philippe c
tigran m
dirk d
julia a
giuseppe lp


The group's recommendations should be delivered at the June WLCG Workshop
   We should plan for this, but reserve the final decision for after the CWP meeting in Amsterdam in May in case some closer synchronisation between the two groups is preferred

The deadline for contributing to the "raw input" document is 7th April. Concentrate on themes which can be used to find correspondences, no need for lots of detail. Work will begin thereafter on the "action plan" which will constitute two parts, an analysis/overview of the raw input with commonalities exposed, and a statement about proposed actions resulting.

Nobody indicated a desire for a May pre-GDB on data.

Open up access to the Google docs (link gives editing rights) to avoid requirement for a Google account - done.

Resource reporting

Julia reminded the group about the upcoming proposal from the accounting WG about storage accounting and requirements on resource/topology reporting for storage providers. This will be circulated in the next couple of weeks and a followup discussion scheduled.

CWP News

There is a doodle poll to register interest in a Wed (24th) afternoon session on data, hosted at the CWP Analysis WG event in Amsterdam 22-24th May.


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