Seminar Room (ICAS )

Seminar Room


Universidad Nacional de San Martín

This is a 1-day-workshop with two equally important main goals: 1) analyze and discuss the HEP state-of-the-art after Moriond 2017 results; and 2) Stimulate the exp-th, exp-exp and th-th cross-talk of mainly the Buenos Aires & La Plata HEP communities. Scientists in the region are also encouraged to participate.

At the end of each session we include the talks addressing the local HEP community lines of research, with the aim of arousing fruitful discussions for the following break.

This activity is sponsored by the International Center for Advanced Studies (ICAS).

    • 9:30 AM
      Breakfast and Introductory talk
    • 1
      Summary for Sunday Electroweak
      Speaker: Gustavo Gotero y Garzon (UBA)
    • 2
      Summary for Monday Electroweak
      Speaker: Sabrina Sacerdotti (UBA)
    • 3
      Summary for Tuesday Electroweak
      Speaker: Andres Perez (UBA)
    • 4
      Summary for Wednesday Electroweak
      Speaker: Roberto Morales (UNLP)
    • 5
      ARG-TH Lopez-Fogliani's group

      Digest of Lopez-Fogliani's group proposals for LHC

      Speaker: Daniel Lopez-Fogliani (UBA)
    • 6
      ARG-TH Alvarez' group

      Digest of Alvarez' proposals for LHC

      Speaker: Ezequiel Alvarez (ICAS)
    • 11:20 AM
      Coffee Break
    • 7
      Summary for Thursday and Friday Electroweak
      Speaker: Mariel Estevez (ICAS)
    • 8
      Summary for Sunday QCD
      Speaker: Ignacio Fabre (ICAS)
    • 9
      Summary for Monday QCD
      Speaker: Ernesto Arganda (UNLP)
    • 10
      Summary for Tuesday QCD
      Speaker: Ricardo Piegaia (UBA)
    • 11
      ARG-TH Szynkman's group

      Digest for Szynkman's proposal for LHC

      Speaker: Alejandro Szynkman (UNLP)
    • 12
      ARG-TH De Florian's group

      Digest for De Florian's proposals for LHC

      Speaker: Daniel De Florian (ICAS)
    • 1:00 PM
      Lunch Break

      in-situ 'picada' with boards around to stimulate discussions

    • 13
      Summary for Wednesday QCD
      Speaker: Manuel Szewc (ICAS)
    • 14
      Trigger and Performance at LHC experiments
      Speaker: Fernando Monticelli (UNLP)
    • 15
      Speakers: Gino Marceca (UBA), Jonathan Bossio (UBA), Sabrina Sacerdotti (UBA)
    • 16
      Speaker: Teresa Dova (UNLP)
    • 3:45 PM
      Coffee Break
    • 17
      Summary for Thursday QCD
      Speaker: Manuel Der (ICAS)
    • 18
      Theory Summary
      Speaker: Alejandro Szynkman (UNLP)
    • 19
      Experimental Summary
      Speaker: Hernan Wahlberg (UNLP)
    • 5:10 PM