Indico MEETING tutorial

by Alex Marc Manzoni, Maria Dimou (CERN), Pedro Ferreira (CERN)

28-R-005 (CERN)




This short tutorial explains how to create a MEETING in indico, how to populate the timetable, write minutes and how to add material.

If you are only interested in the timetable part, please slide to 03.39, for the minutes to 07.46 and for adding material to 08.29.


Tell us what you think via e-learning.support at cern.ch More tutorials in the e-learning collection of the CERN Document Server (CDS) http://cds.cern.ch/collection/E-learning%20modules?ln=en

All info about the CERN rapid e-learning project is linked from http://twiki.cern.ch/ELearning


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