HSF Cond DB Community White Paper

6/2-008 (CERN)



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Andrea Formica (CEA/IRFU,Centre d'etude de Saclay Gif-sur-Yvette (FR)) , Paul James Laycock (University of Liverpool (GB))
HSF Cond DB Community White Paper
    • 13:00 14:00
      Free for lunch, discussion, technical setup 1h
    • 14:00 15:40
      CWP Answers to Questions - low-hanging fruit 1h 40m

      Attempt to summarise the answers to the 15 questions from each of the experiments. This section will cover the points where the experiments agree and suggest text for the document based on the text we already have.

    • 15:40 16:00
      Coffee break 20m
    • 16:00 18:00
      CWP Answers to Questions - what remains 2h

      Discuss the questions where the answers from the experiments diverge and either converge on one opinion or present a coherent text with different views.