MyCERN scoping sub-WG meeting #6

4/S-020 (CERN)



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  • Derek Mathieson
  • Doris Chromek-Burckhart
  • Thomas Baron
  • Phonebook
    • The development of an API on the phonebook (needed especially for the mobile app) is currently not foreseen by AIS, but is considered a valuable addition, should be added to the needed resources for the mobile app development.
  • Maps: more information will be available after a meeting with Youri Robert on 5th May.
  • Mobility
    • Maps information
    • Targeted geo-information is desirable
      • closest bus-stop (should be easy)
      • next bus at location  (according to established time table / realtime information)
  • Weather
    • Should be implemented as a very basic feature if space allows
  • Mobile App vs Web App
    • The default implementation will be a reactive web app
    • A mobile app would nicely complement it, but should focus on features with added value on mobiles: map system, notifications and mobility info. the rest could be redirected to the reactive web app.
    • Needed resources to be evaluated as part of the detailed design.
  • Search
    • A legal disclaimer will be needed on the semantic search page.
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