Cancelled: Additive manufacturing technologies and the rise of printed electronics

3179/R-E06 (CERN)



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This event is cancelled due to scheduling issues. We will try to find a new time for the presentation and demo in the near future. Please sign-up for "Ideasquare-news" e-group to learn about upcoming events at Ideasquare. Link to join the e-group:

Are you interested in additive technologies for electronics printing, or custom material deposition? Rapid prototyping of electronics on glass, silicon, thin films, flexible materials? Please join us for an interactive talk and demo session with Katarina Ilic, co-founder of Voltera Inc, inventor of the Voltera V-One.

Printing on flexible material

Recently, additive processes for fabricating circuit boards have drawn much attention in the field of rapid prototyping. Since material is added and not removed, there is little to no waste. Additionally, the equipment for this application can be small enough to fit on a benchtop, rather than the full factory required by traditional processes. As pioneers in this industry, Voltera recognised the advantages that this additive approach can provide to early stage hardware development and created the Voltera V-One: a desktop printer for custom PCBs.

The Voltera V-One is a multifunctional tool that allows hardware developers to prototype PCBs quickly and in house. It dispenses a silver nano-particle conductive ink onto the printing substrate to create functional circuitry. It also includes a solder paste dispensing and reflow platform.

Such an additive approach to PCB manufacturing allows for experimental prototyping that has been challenging with conventional processes. Electronic prototyping is no longer limited to circuitry on conventional, rigid FR-4, but is now versatile to an abundance of materials such as Polyimide and PET, glass and silicon, bio-compatible thin films, consequently, allowing for accelerated research efforts in fields of flexible electronics, radio frequency applications, medical diagnostics, and more.

Short Bio of Katarina Ilic
Katarina is a Nanotechnology Engineer who specialises in the development of nano-functional materials for various applications. In 2013 she co-founded Voltera Inc., which aims to disrupt hardware innovation through additive manufacturing. The young company has since invented the international award winning Voltera V-One: a custom PCB prototyping tool, that utilises silver nanoparticle-based ink to create functional electronics from your desktop.

    • 4:30 PM 6:00 PM
      Interactive talk and demo session - Voltera V-One 1h 30m
      Speaker: Katarina Ilic (Voltera Inc. / University of Waterloo, Canada)