FCAL Collaboration Meeting

160/1-009 (CERN)



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THANKS TO ALL FOR YOUR ACTIVE PARTICIPATION IN THIS WORKSHOP ! The regular meetings of the FCAL collaboration (website ) bring together, twice a year, the community interested in the physics case, detector design and R&D for the forward region of a future e+e- linear collider. This second meeting in 2009 is held at CERN, scheduled to follow on from the EuDet annual meeting taking place in Geneva from 19-21 October. Organizers: Konrad Elsener Wolfgang Lohmann Kate Ross
  • Aharon Levy
  • Alexandr Ignatenko
  • André Sailer
  • Barbara Dalena
  • Bogdan Pawlik
  • Cornelia COCA
  • Eliza Teodorescu
  • Iftach Sadeh
  • Ivan Smiljanic
  • Ivanka Bozovic-Jelisavcic
  • Jonathan Aguilar
  • Kate Ross
  • Konrad Elsener
  • Konstantin Afanaciev
  • Laurentiu Alexandru Dumitru
  • Leszek Zawiejski
  • Lucie Linssen
  • Madalina Stanescu-Bellu
  • Marek Idzik
  • Marius Ciprian ORLANDEA
  • Olga Novgorodova
  • Prasoon Ambalathankandy
  • Sergej Schuwalow
  • Tatjana Jovin
  • Wojciech Wierba
  • Wolfgang Lohmann
  • Wolfgang Klempt
  • Wolfgang Lange
  • Yutaro Sato