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4-3-001 (CERN)



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Carissa Joyce Cesarotti, Steven Goldfarb (University of Melbourne (AU))

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Steven Goldfarb
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    • 15:00 15:20
      Introductory Comments 20m
      Speakers: Carissa Joyce Cesarotti, Steven Goldfarb (University of Melbourne (AU))
    • 15:20 15:25
      Measurement of the Magnetic Field of Goliath 5m

      I will discuss the first set of magnetic field measurements taken of the Goliath Magnet in CERN's North Area.

      Speaker: Rachel Margraf
    • 15:25 15:30
      User-Defined Detector Geometries in GeantV 5m

      I will present my progress on implementing user-defined detectors in GeantV, then discuss upcoming features currently in development.

      Speaker: Ryan Schmitz
    • 15:30 15:35
      Optics Studies for the AFP Detectors 5m

      I will describe the progress that I have made in developing this package for the AFP group.

      Speaker: Thomas Eichlersmith (CERN)
    • 15:35 15:40
      Testing Dockerized CVMFS and Working With Kubernetes 5m

      I will talk about the progress I've made to put Dockerized CVMFS into production.

      Speaker: Lillian Huang
    • 15:40 15:45
      Reconstruction of the K0s 5m

      I will provide an update on my progress in reconstructing the K0s, focusing specifically on the challenges this analysis presents.

      Speaker: Hannah Bossi (CERN)
    • 15:45 15:50
      Analysis of Baryon Production via Angular Correlations 5m
      Speaker: Amara McCune
    • 15:50 15:55
      Color Reconnection in bbar Forward-Backward Asymmetry 5m
      Speaker: Cynthia Yan
    • 15:55 16:00
      Sensitivity of the FCC to Higgs Invisible Decays 5m
      Speaker: Ella King
    • 16:00 16:05
      Tests on New Chip Design for Atlas Inner-tracker 5m

      I will be presenting the work I have done in the last three weeks, and the plans for the remaining three weeks

    • 16:05 16:10
      Laser Fluorescence Spectroscopy for Borealis Project (AEgIS) 5m

      I will describe my journey from Solidworks amateur to Solidworks expert.

      Speaker: Lauren Weiss
    • 16:10 16:15
      Calibration of the ALICE ITS pixel chips 5m

      I will present the improved method of calibrating pixel chips, in addition to my current work to implement it for a GUI.

      Speaker: Phillip Masterson
    • 16:15 16:20
      Neutrino Platform Hardware 5m

      Continuation of accelerometer work and introduction to hardware

      Speaker: Kevin Nelson
    • 16:20 16:25
      Exploring Heavy Resonances @ FCC-hh 5m

      I will describe my first steps into machine learning. Also the Z' -> ttbar and G_RS -> decay channels

      Speaker: Rachel Emma Clarke Smith
    • 16:25 16:30
      TileCal PMT Response to Laser Pulses Sent in Empty Bunches During Physics Runs 5m

      An update on the study of the time-profile of the PMT response due to laser pulses sent in empty bunches during the first collision runs in 2017.

      Speaker: Summer Zuber
    • 16:30 16:35
      Improving FOAM Performance for Application to ttH MC Generation 5m

      I will present my progress in building FOAMs for three subprocesses of ttH Higgs production, emphasizing the use of various variable transformations and phase-space parameterizations.

      Speaker: Graham Van Goffrier (CERN)
    • 16:35 16:55
      AOB 20m
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