Oct 23 – 27, 2017
America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires timezone

Searches for top and Higgs compositeness at the LHC

Oct 23, 2017, 11:00 AM


ICAS Campus Miguelete, 25 de Mayo y Francia. C.P.: 1650. San Martín, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Prof. Aurelio Juste (IFAE)


A possible extension of the Standard Model that addresses the hierarchy problem
in a natural way involves the existence of a new strongly-interacting sector, of which
the Higgs boson would be a pseudo-Goldstone boson of a spontaneously-broken global
symmetry. One particular realization of this scenario, referred to as "Composite Higgs",
predicts the existence of new fermionic resonances (referred to as vector-like quarks),
which can be produced in pairs or single and have multiple decay modes, giving striking
experimental signatures at the LHC. Another prediction is the existence of heavy bosonic
resonances from the composite sector that would predominantly couple to third-generation
quarks, leading to increased 4-top and ttbb production at high energies. In this talk we
will review the strategies and challenges, as well as the latest results, of this research
program at the LHC. We will also discuss the prospects for Run 2 and future LHC runs.

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