ISOLDE Seminar

Can ISOLDE investigate Pygmies?

by Marcus Scheck (University of the West of Scotland)

26/1-017 (CERN)




In the talk the Pygmy Dipole Resonance, which is an accumulation of stronger excited 1- levels on the tail of the Giant Dipole Resonance is introduced. Following a short motivation about its implications for nuclear models and nuclear astrophysics, the major experimental techniques applied to it will be mentioned. The technique of inelastic photon scattering, which is the work horse to investigate this mode, and its problems, especially the one of unobserved branching transition to lower-lying excited states will get special attention. 

Beta decay of selected mother nuclei as partial solution to this problem but more important as novel approach to the structure of these 1- levels will be elucidated. 

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