Jan 29 – 31, 2018
AGH Computer Science Building D-17
Europe/Zurich timezone

Cynny Space Cloud Object Storage: integrated hardware-software solution developed specifically for ARM® architecture

Jan 30, 2018, 11:10 AM
AGH Computer Science Building D-17

AGH Computer Science Building D-17

AGH WIET, Department of Computer Science, Building D-17, Street Kawiory 21, Krakow


Mr Stefano Baldi (Cynny Space)


The purpose of the presentation we’ll propose during the CS3 conference in Krakow is to highlight the technological features of Cynny Space’s cloud object storage solution and the results of performance and usability for a sync & share use case.

1) Software specifically designed for ARM® architecture

The object storage solution is specifically designed and developed on storage nodes composed of fully-equipped ARM® based micro-servers and a single storage units. The 1:1 micro-server to storage unit ratio and the File System optimized for ARM® delivers optimal levels of scalability, resilience, reliability and efficiency.

2) Peer-to-peer, independent storage network

Every storage node is fully independent and interchangeable, providing a storage solution with no single point failure. To maximize the parallelization of the operations, every node is responsible for some chunks (and not the whole file). The use of Dynamic Hash Tables and a distributed Swarm Intelligence on a peer-to-peer network minimizes the cooperation overhead and allows a high level of scalability, fault-tolerance and clusterization.

3) Fully integrated hardware and software solution

The software upon which the system is built overcomes the limits that we meet by using a general-purpose solution since the latter is not optimized to work with a limited hardware and a large number of servers. Moreover, a software designed for a specific hardware configuration allows to optimize and parametrize all of the services involved (Operating System, File System, Database, internal communication protocols), and it permits to be very flexible towards several access protocols.

4) Use case example: Cynny Space & NextCloud

A use case of the solution is the integration as an external storage service for NextCloud’s sync & share client. The results will be presented during the CS3 conference, with highlights on performance, conflict resolution, federated cloud and multiple protocols accessibility.

Primary authors

Mr Stefano Baldi (Cynny Space) Mr Andrea Marchi (Cynny Space) Stefano Stalio (INFN)

Presentation materials