Collaboration meeting



Michel Jouvin (Universite de Paris-Sud 11 (FR))

# ARGUS Collaboration Meeting - 28/11/2017

## General News

INDIGO project ended (September)
* Review went well: still awaiting the review report
* Marco contract until August: possible extension with EOSC-Hub
  * INDIGO IAM and ARGUS maintenance are tasks explicitly funded by EOSC-Hub
  * No staff change foreseen in the short term

INDIGO AAI and ARGUS integration recently demonstrated
* Means ARGUS use with OpenID Connect and ARGUS policies based on OpenID Connect
* ARGUS not distributed by INDIGO at this point
* OIDC specific processing done in a daemon separate from ARGUS to avoid inter-dependencies

CNAF flooding: development infrastructure for ARGUS moved to Bari
* Evaluating the possibility to use Travis rather than the private Jenkins and also 
  for hosting packages outside CNAF
* True for other SW projects too

## Release 1.7.2 Status

Ben reported that 1.7.2 is working well at CERN (EL7)

ReadTheDocs stable must be updated to point to 1.7.2 fixed by 1.7.2
* A unit test checks this ticket
* GGUS ticket should be updated and related issue on GH should be closed (Andrea/Marco)

Check with Vincenzo/Joao that the plan is really to release ARGUS 1.7.2 in next UMD 
release (4.6.0)

Next release would be only the INDIGO IAM integration: no impact on other components
* 1.7.3 or 1.8.0?
* 1.8.0 may be a good choice and take this opportunity to synchronize version number 
  of all components

## Known issues

GRIF/Irfu issue: was never reproduced so close it
* Need to add the documentation on how to configure entropy in the VM (daemon or non-blocking 
  entropy in Java) handled by Mischa: related 
to Argus server FQDN mapped in /etc/hosts to
* Seems a common practice with RH distributions
* PEPd, PDP and PAP are only listening on external address by default (their admin interfaces are only listening on localhost).
* Worth an entry in the documentation 

## AOB

Next meeting date to be discussed in January

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    • 4:00 PM 4:10 PM
      General news 10m

      Authorization WG
      Post-INDIGO work

    • 4:10 PM 4:40 PM
      Release 1.7.1 Status 30m

      Known deployments

    • 4:40 PM 4:55 PM
      Known issues 15m

      GRIF/Irfu (

    • 4:55 PM 5:00 PM
      AOB 5m

      Next meeting