EPFL Sinergia Meeting

Cubotron, EPFL (EPFL, Lausanne)

Cubotron, EPFL

EPFL, Lausanne

Rue de la Sorge

We look forward to seeing you at EPFL!


The timetable is VERY informal (short or medium talks followed by long discussions and sinergy).


The meeting will take place at the EPFL Cubotron:

From the train station, take the metro m1 to flon, and thre change to the m2 direction "Renens", stop at "Unil-Sorge". It's the big square building in front of the stop.


See https://het.epfl.ch/page-108663-en.html

Thursday: second floor, room 2.

Friday: seventh floor, room 727.



Organisers: Francesco Riva, Andrea Wulzer.



  • Thursday, December 7
    • 1
      Electroweak Precision Tests at the LHC
      Speaker: Riva Francesco/ Andrea Wulzer
    • 2
      DIbosons: NNLO QCD + NLO WE
      Speaker: Stefan Kallweit
    • 3
      Search for heavy resonances decaying into boosted bosons
      Speaker: Alberto Zucchetta
    • 4
      Speaker: Simone Alioli
    • 5
      Constraining SMEFT Parameters with Dijets at the LHC
      Speaker: Matthias Koenig
    • 6
  • Friday, December 8
    • 7
      Machine Learning BSM
      Speaker: Raffaele Tito d'Agnolo
    • 8
      Speaker: Alexander Karlberg
    • 9
      Search for ttH in the fully hadronic final state
      Speaker: Silvio Donato
    • 10
      Logarithmic beasts and how to tame them
      Speaker: Rudi Rahn
    • 11
      Higgs pT distributions
      Speaker: Xuan Chen