DT Training Seminars

Data acquisition challenges for the ProtoDUNE-SP experiment at CERN

by Enrico Gamberini (CERN)

32-1-A24 (CERN)



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The Detector Technology group contributes to the development of data acquisition (DAQ) systems for various experiments at CERN. In particular, it has been deeply involved with the design, implementation and operation of the DAQ for the ProtoDUNE Single-Phase experiment (NP04) since 2016.

In this presentation, the basic principles of data acquisition systems and their application to NP04 will be given. After an overview of the ProtoDUNE Single-Phase experiment requirements, we describe the DAQ design and show the implementation and main achievements obtained during beam data taking in 2018. We also illustrate how NP04 has been instrumental in demonstrating solutions for several DAQ components for the future DUNE neutrino experiment, due to take data in 2025.

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