EM-U #57: Thriving through failures

IdeaSquare (CERN)



Building 3179 Entry through LHC Point 1 gate -ATLAS- Route de Meyrin 385, 1217 Meyrin, Switzerland

Life as an entrepreneur can be thrilling, but also challenging. Through the workshop Thriving Through Failures, Biliana Vassileva will equip you with a new understanding of your capacity to engage with failures. Using an experiential approach, you will discover how to: reframe your failures, act upon them, and move forward in an energising and efficient manner.

Biliana is an Executive and Organisational Coach for Social Change. Her purpose is to work towards re-imagining the relationships (with oneself and others) at work for peace, just and inclusive societies. Curious to know more? Visit www.bilianavassileva.com

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