ROOT I/O Meeting

32/1-A24 (CERN)



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Brian Paul Bockelman (University of Nebraska-Lincoln (US)), Philippe Canal (Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (US))


Attendees: Philippe, Brian, Danilo, Oksana, Guilherme, Jim P, Taylor, Amit

Amit: presentation

Taylor: From here we want to extent the test to be more realistic maybe with Data from DUNE and lower sync frequency.

Brian: Fill cluster information during manual Flush (and also fix cluster iteration for ‘bad’ files)

Philippe: I think this is ready to merge.

Brian: Describing the ‘flush basket’ only at cluster boundary.

Philippe: It is a more complex PR, I will also check it today (with an eye on multi-threading issues).

Brian: I also been working on the bulk I/O branch.

Danilo: Back from holiday and focusing on ROOT User’s workshop agenda.

Guilherme:  RAS.

Jim: Working on columnar manipulation that I will present at the workshop.

Oksana: I made some progress on LZ4 issues.  We discovered that LZ4 is poorly compressing the offset array.  (When disabling the storing of the offset array, the ‘problem’ goes away).

Oksana: before deciding what to do for the release, I want to test 2 possible work-arounds and will report on it next week [so we may not have go back to zlib as the default].

Oksana: I am also working on reducing dependency (including some circular dependencies and some ‘hidden’ dependencies) ; for example Tree depends on MathCore but CMake does not ‘know’ about it.

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