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Operations team & Sites

EVO - GridPP Operations team meeting

EVO - GridPP Operations team meeting


- This is the weekly GridPP ops & sites meeting - The intention is to run the meeting in Vidyo: -- The PIN is 1234. To join via phone see for dial in numbers. -- The London (UK) service is on +44 (0)161 306 6802. Phone bridge ID 1001002 -- The meeting extension is 109308582. PIN 1234 Chair: Jeremy Minutes:  Apologies: Daniela B; Andrew M; Pete G

Videoconference Rooms
- This is the weekly GridPP ops & sites meeting - The intention is to run the meeting in EVO: Join the meeting in the Janet(UK) Community area. Direct link - The phone bridge number is +44 (0)161 306 6802. The phone bridge ID is 1001002 with code: 4880. Apologies:
Alessandra Forti
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    • 11:00 11:01
      Ops meeting minutes 1m
      • This is a reminder that this is an important task. The minute taker gives access to the discussions for those not present and provides a reference for others to refer back to afterwards.

      • The team composition has been changing. If everybody contributes then the task comes around less often.

      • Please extract actions from the meeting and add them to our table here:

      • Recent allocations: See above link. The page should be updated each week by the minute taker (if they don't the task will keep coming to them!).

      • Upcoming allocations:

      23rd Jan - Andrew M
      30th Jan - Dan T
      6th Feb - Andy W

    • 11:01 11:20
      Experiment problems/issues 19m

      Review of weekly issues by experiment/VO

      • LHCb

      • CMS

      Singularity issues:

      • ATLAS

      • Other: Updates should be recorded in

      • GridPP DIRAC status [Andrew McNab]

    • 11:20 11:40
      Meetings & updates 20m

      With reference to:

      • General updates
      • WLCG ops coordination
      • Tier-1 status
      • Storage and data management
      • Tier-2 Evolution
      • Accounting
      • Documentation
      • Interoperation
      • Monitoring
      • On-duty
      • Security
      • Services
      • Tickets
      • Tools
      • VOs
      • Site updates
    • 11:40 12:20
      Discussion topics 40m
      • GridPP40 topics (PMB 9th) 10th-11th April
    • 12:20 12:25
      Actions & AOB 5m
      • Q417 Tier-2 reports reminder