LCG - ASGC management meeting

513/R-068 (CERN)



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Tentative meeting agenda: 1) ASGC presentation to address the following points: a.Evaluation of the readiness of the ASGC Tier 1 for data taking, including b.Analysis of performance during the STEP’09 exercise and follow up actions c.Operations and manpower plan – including: i.which services are critical and how are 24x7 operations managed ii.Show the organisation and staffing of the Tier 1 – permanent vs temporary staff – training d.Clarify the levels of pledged resources – particularly for the tape drives and bandwidths available 2)Issues from WLCG a.Communications problems – the need for regular attendance in all the meetings (MB, GDB, daily ops) (this is good in principle since you do regularly send people) b.Should not depend on a single person c.Need to have more contacts with the individual service managers at ASGC; today everything goes via 1 person d.Is it possible to send people to CERN to fulfil the coordination roles? e.Issue of priorities between the Tier 1 and Tier 2 at ASGC 3)CMS specific issues 4)ATLAS specfic issues
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