An Introduction to gLite middleware

Online eLearning event

Online eLearning event

Gergely Sipos

This is an eLearning event

The purpose of this session is to provide an introduction on gLite middleware. The session will include an introductory presentation, followed by provision of modules and tutorials for the attendees self-paced learning which will include submitting jobs to EGEE. The presentation will introduce:
- The capabilities of the gLite services
- The process of getting access to an EGEE production VO and to the GILDA training VO
- The role of high level grid tools and where to find further information on them.
- The most important hands-on modules that are available on gLite services. Attendees can go through these exercises at their own pace, following the presentation

Please note, this introductory presentation will be provided as a live online presentation


This session will be presented by Gergely Sipos (MTA SZTAKI, Budapest, Deputy Manager of the EGEE-III Training & Induction Activity)


Attendees should preregister for this event via the registration page.
Please note there is a limit of 20 for this event.


The tutorial provided will require the attendees to use their own laptop using a SSH program (eg Putty), and access the GILDA training infrastructure. User accounts and certificates to access the GILDA infrastructure will be arranged for attendees. No need to apply for your personal GILDA account for this event!

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