NuGrid/JINA-CEE/ChETEC School: Software Tools for Simulations in Nuclear Astrophysics (17th-19st September 2018, University of Hull, UK)

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Other Institutes

E.A. Milne Centre for Astrophysics School of Mathematics and Physical Sciences University of Hull Hull, HU6 7RX United Kingdom

Most of the elements that we see everyday like iron or gold, or fundamental for life like carbon and oxygen, are produced in stars. The fundamental question of how elements form in our galaxy and in the universe need the contribution from many disciplines, within the cross-disciplinary context of nuclear astrophysics.

NuGrid and the EA Milne Centre for Astrophysics organize a 3-day training school event on the topic of nuclear reaction rates, stellar nucleosynthesis, observations and implications for galactic chemical evolution.

In order to prepare students and post-docs for explorations in these science areas the school will include among others an introduction to:

  • Running network codes and analysing data, within a flexible framework for nuclear astrophysics simulation experiments;

  • Tools and examples for nuclear uncertainty studies;

  • Galactic chemical evolution with NuPyCEE.

The goal of this training school is to document present state of knowledge and discuss key open questions in nuclear astrophysics, and to allow young scientists to practise and actively engage with these different interdisciplinary topics. Trainees will learn how to use software tools that will enhance their research and their exploitation

The school is organized in the week following the NuGrid meeting, and in the same week of the UK BRIDGCE collaboration meeting "Stars, Supernovae and Nucleosynthesis V" (20th-21st September 2018),

We acknowledge support from the JINA-CEE Center for the Evolution of the Elements, from the ChETEC” COST Action (CA16117), supported by COST. COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) is a funding agency for research and innovation networks. We acknowledge the Department of Communication and External Relations, Universidade Nova de Lisboa - FCT for the ChETEC logo. We thank support from the EA Milne Centre for Astrophysics.

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  • Alexander Laminack
  • Ana Becerril
  • Ashley Tattersall
  • Benjamin Wehmeyer
  • Benoit Côté
  • Brad Gibson
  • Caley Harris
  • Chris Fryer
  • Eleni Vagena
  • Etienne Kaiser
  • Gabriel Casabona
  • Jacob Tomassi
  • Jacqueline den Hartogh
  • James Keegans
  • Kathrin Göbel
  • MacKenzie Warren
  • Marco Pignatari
  • Ondrea Clarkson
  • Pareshkumar Prajapati
  • Quynh Lan Nguyen
  • Raphael Hirschi
  • Rene Reifarth
  • Thomas Lawson
  • Thomas Trueman
  • Umberto Battino
  • Xiaoting Fu
  • Zhiyu Zhang
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