ProtoDUNE FNAL-IT joint meeting

513/R-068 (CERN)



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    • 09:00 09:10
      Welcome and Introductions 10m
    • 09:10 09:50
      Discussion 40m
      • Add monitoring all buffers filling rate, quotas, send alarms
      • Add monitoring of services FTS - light and FTS
      • Monitoring of network (protodune switch) - need to see if we could get this information from  CERN ES
      • Add monitoring of EOS usage and quota, r/w rates and alarms 
      • Pull from MONIT ES  EOS report.log info related to protodune
      • Create dashboard's layout for shifters (red/green/yellow buttons with the ability to drill down)
      • Add data quality batch jobs monitoring and output plot creation date alert. 
      • What alarms should we generate? Where should they go?  log book? Slack?
      • What is the timeline for this?
    • 09:50 10:10
      Coffee? 20m
    • 10:10 10:50
      Discussion 40m

       Plans for data movement, production runs, and timeline.