Evolution in Computing Hardware - Part 2

31/3-004 - IT Amphitheatre (CERN)

31/3-004 - IT Amphitheatre


Route de Meyrin
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Andrzej Nowak

Brief description:In this talk we will discuss the key internals of modern computing hardware, and their evolution over time. Many recent improvements mean more opportunities but also more work for programmers. Can the promising technologies of the future – from accelerators to highly specialized chips – make life easier again?

Speaker's short bio: Dr. Andrzej Nowak

Andrzej runs TIK Services, a technology and innovation consultancy based in Geneva, Switzerland. Recently, he co-founded and sold an award-winning Fintech start-up focused on peer-to-peer lending. Earlier, Andrzej worked at Intel and in the CERN openlab - a collaboration of CERN and industrial partners such as HP, Huawei, Intel, Oracle and Siemens. In the openlab, Andrzej was part of the CTO office, which set up next-generation technology projects for CERN. A second part of his job was to research optimization opportunities for complex code: performance tuning, parallelism and the usage of modern many-core processor architectures.

Andrzej co-founded various course series (including the thematic CERN School of Computing), which trained around 2’000 participants both within and outside of CERN.


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      Evolution in Computing Hardware - Part 2
      Speaker: Andrej Nowak