ISOLDE Seminar

Nuclear structure information from transfer reactions

by David Sharp

ISOLDE's visitor room
This talk will focus on a number of areas where transfer reactions can be used to provide valuable nuclear structure information pertinent to areas of nuclear and particle physics.  
Nuclear structure information, such as the ground state nucleon occupancies, can provide data against which NME calculations relevant to neutrinoless double beta decay can be benchmarked and improved. Transfer reactions, as a probe of the single-particle nature of nuclear states, are ideal for extracting the nucleon occupancies. An overview of a campaign of measurements aimed at extracting nucleon occupancies for a number of 0ν2β decay candidates will be presented. 
Some time will also be spent detailing a new spectrometer, the ISOLDE Solenoidal Spectrometer (ISS), being commissioned to exploit the available radioactive beams from HIE-ISOLDE. This spectrometer is based on the HELIOS concept, which has been successfully exploited for transfer reaction studies at Argonne National Laboratory. This presentation will provide an update on the current status of the ISS project and the science proposals for early implementation of the spectrometer as well as covering some of the early measurements using HELIOS aimed at investigating the evolution of single-particle structure across chains of nuclei.
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