EGEE Operations meeting

28-R-15 (CERN conferencing service (joining details below))


CERN conferencing service (joining details below)

John Shade
Weekly EGEE infrastructure coordination meeting.
We discuss the weekly running of the production grid infrastructure based on weekly reports from the attendees. The reported issues are discussed, assigned to the relevant teams, followed up and escalated when needed. The meeting is also the forum for the sites to get a summary of the weekly WLCG activities and plans
  • EGEE operations team
  • EGEE ROC managers
  • site representatives (optional)
  • GGUS representatives
  • VO representatives
  • To dial in to the conference:
    a. Dial +41227676000
    b. Enter access code 0148141

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      • 4:00 PM 4:20 PM
        EGEE Items 20m
        • <big>Central Grid-Operator-on-Duty (c-COD) handover</big>
          From Italy to France
          Handover Log:
          GGUS tickets 52012, 51135, and 51229 deal with some APEL issues that seem to be fixed, but the SAM tests don't say so. Since APEL also run the SAM tests in question, the ball is in their camp...

          For the rest, all the CIC dashboard tabs (Dashboard, Tickets, Alarms) show nothing and the red line "The resource is not available". (Steve T. also reported a hanging CIC portal and no confirmation that the CERN ROC report had been correctly processed).

        • <big> PPS Report & Issues </big>
          Please find Issues from EGEE ROCs and general info in:

        • <big> gLite Release News</big>
        • <big> EGEE issues coming from ROC reports </big>
          Russia and AP, continuing a recent trend, hadn't validated their reports by 14:00 CET


          • GGUS ticket #47944 (sBDII SAM fests failing for FZK-LCG2 though GIIS is working fine) no news.
          • all RBs have been retired;
          • all WMS have been upgraded (WMS @ INFN-FERRARA update is in progress, the WMS is closed).
          • There are a couple of concerns from our region about the glite-SWAT utilities/tools. The most important/critical of them are:
            1. Does the tool use the user's credentials (without their knowledge)?
            2. If so, what about the privacy of user's data?
            3. Can this tool make modifications to the user's job environment?
            4. Is it possible that a failure of the monitoring tool could lead to the user's job failing?
        • <big>Grid Service Interventions </big>
          Link to CIC Portal (broadcasts/news), scheduled downtimes (GOCDB) and CERN IT Status Board
          Please consult the URLs above for details.

          • Due to improvement the service, it is possible that Monday, 2 November the accounting portal at suffer intermittently cutting of service for a few minutes....
          • The GGUS system will go down for an unscheduled reboot today at 12:30 UTC
        • <big>CREAM-CE Deployment</big>
          WLCG sites should now deploy a CREAM CE service in parallel with the production LCG-CEs in order to gain real production experience. Although the ability to submit from Condor clients is still missing, the site installation will not change when this is available. The CREAM CEs should also now be marked as “production” in the information system. On the EGEE side it will be discussed tomorrow at the SA1 coordination meeting.

          CREAM CE SAM tests are in production, non critical. Please start to have a look at the results (need to check "NA - no status available").

        • <big>Miscellaneous</big> 10m
          • There are still a few RBs and old versions of WMS out there: Please check Steve's Page for the details.
          • Please remember to keep the monthly availability comments Wiki up-to-date.
          • Significant Update to SA1 OAT Nagios Release made today.
      • 4:30 PM 4:35 PM
        Review of Action Items 5m
      • 4:35 PM 4:40 PM
        AOB 5m