Treasure Hunt in Geneva


The objective of this treasure hunt is to learn a little bit about Geneva, but most of all, to have fun! 

Sign up, and we will create teams that leave via tram as they seem fit. It is not a competition on who arrives first, but more a stroll in Geneva to learn more about its historical center. At the end of the tour, we will meet at.... Well, you will see. ;-)

Departure: Take the tram with your team from the Tram outside of CERN at around 17h, get off at the Bel-Air stop. The treasure hunt starts from this place. 

Goal: Wherever the treasure hunt takes you... We have a drink together and then each person can do as they wish. Please make sure you check the departure times of the tram to fit with the Y Bus to go back to St Genis, if needed!

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