JWT Profile Meeting




  • Discuss versioning
  • Resolve comments


Actions from last time:

  • @All read through the doc before pre-GDB
  • @Hannah try a first draft of the glossary (some text already in flows document)
  • @Andrea to continue "Flow document" and link to doc, add a little summary saying that we will follow the standard
  • @Hannah add appendices (discovery)
  • @Hannah ask Brian whether verification is standard
  • @Mischa and Andrea to add Trust aspects to Verification, include Brian in discussions
  • @Andrea normalise URLs and examples to WLCG jargon
  • @Hannah make sure to talk about versioning in the next call
  • @All to read through Operational Impacts Section and comment


  • Off the wall question from Paul: in x509 certificates / OIDC Access Tokens we have an expiry time because we think they may be compromised, what happens when we convert between types? When converting a SciToken to a Macaroon they both have expiry times but it's not clear whether the expiry times should be identical. If not, there's a possibility to extend the lifetime of a token.
    • This scenario happens frequently in proxies
    • More complicated with refresh tokens included, maybe need an upstream check
    • Need to consider separate logic for access tokens and refresh tokens
    • Macaroons don't have the concept of a refresh token, makes converting a short OAuth2 token to a Macaroon not very useful for long running activities (e.g. jobs)
    • Is there anything enforcing this in MyProxy? No. Only on a credential basis, e.g. proxy cannot outlive certificate
  • We need more input on Distribution of Trust, lack of agreement on use of OIDC Fed. 


  • @Hannah to see whether we can have a BoF at CHEP - we would need a specific topic
  • @Hannah extend glossary
  • @Mischa to look at "Discovery" (now renamed, "Metadata Lookup")
  • @Andrea add WLCG specific URLs
  • @Andrea ask Brian whether aud has been restricted in SciTokens to a single value
  • @Hannah to ping key people about pre-GDB
  • @Hannah ask IanC about visitor cards and get back to the list, "If you plan to attend in person and require a visitor pass, please contact lcg.office AT cern.ch in advance of travel (please don't arrive at CERN without having arranged your pass in advance)."
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