LCG Service Coordination Meeting

513/R-070 - Openlab Space (CERN)

513/R-070 - Openlab Space


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Jamie Shiers

Internal meeting for host laboratory LCG service providers.

Service responsibles from IT-FIO, IT-PSS, IT-GD
EIS team

Standing agenda, plus topical items.

Mailing list:

    • 10:00 10:05
      Introduction & Topical Items 5m
      • Schedule for reinstallation of service nodes 1m
      • Renumbering Machines in the Vault - First 2 Batches (9th Nov) 15m
        Speaker: Thorsten
      • Testing of LFC 1.5.10 on PPS and deployment on production system (incl. outside sites) 5m
      • Hand-over of Services from GD to FIO cont. 1m
        This will be coordinated by Steve Traylen, with the goal of getting the dash green prior to hand-over.
      • CMS servers / services: status 15m
        See CMS task force of Sep 20

        To be followed up with Michael Ernst and IT Physics Groups leaders. (The agreement is apparently 'in principle', but the details still to be worked out).

      • Christmas shutdown 15m
        Dear All, As end of 2006 is approaching, we have to define IT services availability during the CERN annual closure. I propose that groups send me before the end of the month the availability plans of your services, based on requests from users. 1) which services are to be kept running and what coverage 2) which services will be left unattended 3) which services will be switched off As far as compensation is concerned, we have now provided our input to HR in the view of a possible amendment to the SRR, but no feedback so far. However for planning purposes, a safe working assumption would be to assume that the same rules as previous years will be applied. I will also need from you a detailed plan of people availability during the annual closure. But I'll send a reminder for this. Please find attached the coverage message which was sent last year. Frédéric.
        Speaker: Nick
      • Oracle quarterly patch 15m
        News from installation on integration RAC

        Testing schedule of relevant services

        Scheduling of installation on production RAC(s)

        Oracle has released yesterday the October security patch for their software. This is a rolling patch, so no service interruption is expected. We need to install it as soon as possible on the integration/validation database INT3R and request that you test your applications against this patch. About one week after, if agreed on WLCG-SCM and if no problems reported by the application owners, we will do the same on the production server.


        1. 23/Oct (Monday) - deployment of Oracle October CPU on INT3R
          • Services affected: egee_sam, egee_sam_pilot, int3r, int3r_gridview, int3r_nolb, lcg_fts_pilot, lcg_fts_stresstest
        2. 1/Nov (Wednesday) - deployment of Oracle October CPU on LCGR (only if fully tested by application owners and no issues found)
          • Services affected: lcg_fcr, lcg_fts, lcg_fts_w, lcg_gridview, lcg_lfc, lcg_same, lcg_shiva, lcg_voms, voms_pilot
        As the patch is rolling, no service interruption is expected for these deployments.
    • 10:05 11:05
      Regular Status Review 1h
      • Deployment 10m
        Speaker: Louis Poncet
      • Workload Management 10m
        Speaker: Thorsten Kleinwort
      • Data Management 10m
        Speaker: Gavin McCance
      • Information and Monitoring 10m
        Speaker: Piotr Nyczyk
      • Authentication and Authorisation 10m
        Speaker: Maria Dimou
      • Experiment Issues requiring escalation or follow-up 10m
        Speaker: EIS Team
    • 11:05 11:10
      Any Other Business 5m