EP Seminar

Darkside latest results and the future liquid argon dark matter program

by Giuliana Fiorillo (Universita e sezione INFN di Napoli (IT))

503/1-001 - Council Chamber (CERN)

503/1-001 - Council Chamber


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DarkSide uses a dual-phase Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber running since mid 2015 with a
50-kg-active-mass target from an underground source, to search for WIMP dark matter. The talk will present the latest result on the search for low mass WIMPs ($M_{WIMP} <20GeV/c^2$ ) extending the exclusion region below previous limits in the range $1.8-6 GeV/c^2$, as well as a search for high mass WIMPs ($M_{WIMP}>100GeV/c^2$) with 0 background reported in the signal region giving the most competitive result obtained with an Argon target.

The next stage of the Darkside program will be a new generation experiment involving a global collaboration from all the current Argon based experiments. DarkSide-20k is designed as a >20-tonne fiducial mass TPC with SiPM based photosensors, expected to achieve an instrumental background well below that from coherent scattering of solar and atmospheric neutrinos. Like its predecessor DarkSide-20k will be housed at the Gran Sasso (LNGS) underground laboratory, and it is expected to attain a WIMP-nucleon cross section exclusion sensitivity of $10^{-47}\, cm^2$ for a WIMP mass of $1 TeV/c^2$ in a 5 yr run.

Organized by

M. Pepe-Altarelli, G. Unal.......... Refreshments will be served at 10h30

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