ISOLDE Seminar

Laser spectroscopy of positronium

by Ben Cooper (The University of Manchester)

Visitor's room 508

This seminar will present the methods and techniques in the production, manipulation, and accumulation of positrons in a ‘Surko-type’ buffer-gas trap. The pulsed output of the trap is optimised for the production and subsequent laser excitation of Positronium (Ps). An array of positronium convertor materials have been characterised at various temperatures and the effects of direct laser irradiation of the samples on the Ps yield will be shown along with the recent observation of Ps confinement in isolated cavities. This work presents important considerations for experiments to create a laser-cooled Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) of Ps in an engineered porous material at cryogenic temperatures. Recent progress in the field of Ps-laser spectroscopy will also be presented and the applications of which will be discussed including the production, and electrostatic guiding of highly excited Rydberg Ps for scattering experiments.

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