CERN Computing Seminar

Our Chief Weapon in Programming

by Tony Van Eerd (Christie Digital)

31/3-004 - IT Amphitheatre (CERN)

31/3-004 - IT Amphitheatre


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If I had time to convey just one* piece of programming advice, what would it be? Over the years I've often wondered "If I could only follow one bit of programming advice, what would it be", and have asked many people the same. I think I have narrowed down the one* rule I follow and have actually always followed, and which I find has helped me write correct, fast, understandable, maintainable code. Please give me the opportunity to share my thoughts with you.

[*] this talk may contain an off-by-one* error

About the speaker

Tony has been coding for well over 25 years, and coding well for hopefully some of that. He's worked at companies big (Adobe) and small (Inscriber), and currently works on projection mapping - making magic with light - at Christie Digital. He is a member of the C++ Standards Committee, a ninja, and a jedi.