ISOLDE Seminar

Nuclear structure information harvested from 60-80Zn ground state properties

ISOLDE's visitor room 508

 The nuclear spins, magnetic moments, quadruple moments and charge radii of the ground and long-lived isomeric states of 60-80Zn have been measured via high-resolution laser spectroscopy at COLLAPS-CERN [1]. These fundamental properties have provided important information for the investigation of the nuclear structure in the Ni region [1-4]. For example, the intruder isomeric state in 79Zn confirmed from its spin 1/2+ and magnetic moment has shown a deformation nature concluded from its larger isomer shift, providing the first experimental signature of shape coexistence in 79Zn nucleus [1]; The large deformation observed in the 5/2+ isomeric state of 73Zn indicated an unusual triaxial shape [3]. This contribution will present a summary of the laser spectroscopy measurement of Zn isotopes. The nuclear structure information obtained from the spins, moment and radii of 60-80Zn ground and long-lived isomeric states will be discussed.

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[2] C. Wraith, X. F. Yang et al., Phys. Lett. B 771, 385 (2017)
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