ALICE, ATLAS, CMS and LHCb Career Networking Event 2018

500/1-001 - Main Auditorium (CERN)

500/1-001 - Main Auditorium


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Aneliya Karadzhinova (Rudjer Boskovic Institute (HR)) , Christoph Rembser (CERN) , Connie Potter (CERN) , Jan Fiete Grosse-Oetringhaus (CERN) , Laure Esteveny (CERN) , Marco Marquard (Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe Univ. (DE)) , Panja Luukka (Helsinki Institute of Physics (FI)) , Rachel Bray (CERN) , Sebastian Bott (CERN)

This event offers an insight into career opportunities outside of academia. Various former members of the LHC collaborations will give presentations and be part of a panel discussion and elaborate on their experience in companies in a diverse range of fields (industry, finance, IT,...). There will be opportunities to ask questions during the panel discussion, the break and after the event. Refreshments and light snacks will be served during the break and after. The event is supported by the ALICE, ATLAS, CMS and LHCb Collaborations as well as the CERN Alumni Programme. Attendance is limited but we do welcome participants from other experiments. Registration is obligatory and a fee of 10 CHF must be paid in advance. Information on payment methods can be found in the Payment box on the home page.  

Organisation : Connie Potter
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      CERN Alumni programme: What's in it for you? / L. Esteveny & R. Bray (10 mins talk + 5 mins questions)
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      Blanca Perea / FTI Consulting 15 mins talk + 5 mins questions

      Blanca holds a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering and Physics from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and an M.B.A. from Barcelona’s ESADE Business School and Georgetown University. She has more than 18 years of experience in the energy space, with deep expertise in electricity and gas, specializing in regulation, economic analysis and energy efficiency. She is currently Senior Managing Director for Corporate Finance at FTI Consulting. Prior to that she worked as a Partner at Bluecap, as a Director at PwC and as the Managing Director of COGEN Spain.

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      Jochen Thaeder / Lead Data Scientist @ DXC Technology

      Jochen holds a PhD from the University of Frankfurt. During his PhD time and a PostDoc at GSI, he was a member of the ALICE collaboration, followed by another PosDoc at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory as a member of STAR at BNL. In his 10 years in HEP, he worked on the edge of data analysis and HPC computing. Since 2016 he works at the IT consulting company DXC technology. Now he is the Lead Data Scientist in North-Central-Eastern Europe and a Solution Architect for Big Data and Data Science projects. The focus is on predictive quality/maintenance in manufacturing and the complete IT infrastructure for autonomous driving development.

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      Chiara Bianchin / Volkswagen Financial Services

      Chiara is an ex member of the ALICE Collaboration, where she contributed to the measurements of hard probes (D mesons and jets).
      She left CERN in 2016 and she started a new career as Data Scientist with a great help from the LHC Networking Events and the CERN Alumni. Since July 2018 she works at Volkswagen Financial Services in Germany, but her path towards a position in an established corporate such as Volkswagen was rich of unforeseen stumbling blocks, bad and good luck, unexpected changes. Come and discover more about her story: a career after CERN is definitely not less exciting than “A Journey of Discovery”!

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      Atila Neves / Independent Software Engineer/Consultant

      Atila holds a PhD from Instituto Superior Tecnico. He worked on Lambda, anti-lambda and K0S Production in In-In and In-Si Collisions at 158 GeV / nucleon. He worked as a Fellow in CERN's IT department and as a Software Engineer at Cisco before he established his own IT consultancy in 2016.

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      Florbela Viegas / SRE Manager @ Google

      Florbela holds a Licenciatura Engenharia Informatica from Universidada Nova de Lisboa. Before joining CERN she worked as a Consultant for Oracle, as a Software Anayst for IIES and co-founded a consulting and software development company called ONSITE. At CERN she was working as Oracle Database Administrator for the ATLAS Experiment. After leaving CERN she joined Credit Suisse as Lead Oracle Engineer and Manager of Lausanne Engineering Products IT. After that she worked as Vice President @ Global Technology and is currently SRE Manager at Google Zürich.

    • 7:05 PM
      Break with food and drinks

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      Olivier Denis : A view from the 'other' side (10' + 5' questions)

      Olivier Denis, Head of Sales & Marketing and Gilles Santi (CTO) at Sedect SA will present their perspective on hiring people from the particle physics research environment into the private sector. Olivier is an active member of the CERN Alumni Network, and whilst at CERN worked as a Project Engineer, managing the specifications, contract follow-up and quality assurance of components (originating from four different European companies) used in the LHC quadruple and dipole magnets.

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      What does it take to make it outside ? James Common (10' + 5' questions)

      James Common, CEO of The Common Ground Initiative will share insights into how the private sector handles recruitment, what they are looking for, and suggestions on how to present your skills and talents in the best way

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      Panel Session Interview and CV experiences

      Panellists comment on James Common and Olivier Denis' presentations of how external recruiters search for staff, their own experiences of interviews and lessons learned to be shared

    • 9:20 PM
      Networking food and drinks

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