On Indico and OJS convergence



  • Adrian Mönnich
  • Pedro Ferreira
  • Thomas Baron
  • Tim Smith
  • JACoW copy-editing features will be implemented in Indico as an external pluggable workflow engine, to complement the standard existing workflow in Indico.
  • This module will be clonable to generate new workflows for every use case.
  • Users can then select which workflow they want to use for their events directly in Indico
  • OJS workflow can be implemented in the future as a clone of the JACoW module so OJS can be replaced by Indico in a couple of years.
  • This is especially useful also for external organisations if Indico is modularized and let these Organisations install and use only the Indico modules that they want
  • Modularization is a long term goal but cannot be started straight away due to too many ongoing projects.
  • The KT project on modularization will be cancelled for 2018.
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