SGD Edition Day #1: Filters, Styles, and Domains

IdeaSquare (CERN)



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The first SGD Edition day - a day long hackathon to learn, investigate, document and develop a deeper understanding of some technique or problem in Data Science. This session will focus on Filters, Styles, and Domains.

The addictive technique of using deep learning to convolute images with the styles of famous paintings and artists has become synonymous with deep learning. But can we develop an understanding of the problem deeper than its mere application? Can the same techniques be used for un-bluring images or unfolding histograms? What are the possibilities for maping features from a learned space to an example space? Let's find out together!

In this meetup you will get the chance to meet fellow data analysts and investigate some common tools for deep style transfer, discuss the merits of each, study the underlying theory behind the models and discuss the possibilities of extending this understanding beyond mere pretty pictures.

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