GridPP Technical Meeting - New Information System

Virtual Only

Virtual Only

Alastair Dewhurst (Science and Technology Facilities Council STFC (GB)) , Andrew McNab (University of Manchester) , David Colling (Imperial College Sci., Tech. & Med. (GB))

Weekly meeting slot for technical topics. We will try and focus on one topic per meeting.  We will announce at the Tuesday Ops meeting if this meeting is going ahead and if so the topic to be discussed.

Introduction from Alastair. Alessandra presented her slides from yesterday (  Explained the flat structure.

There was a discussion on how the json should be linked in GOCDB:
- Single entry at site level, with all CEs included.
- Individual json for each CE attached to each CE.
It was decided that both are acceptable.

Additional parameters:
- Daniela asked about operating system
- Alessandra gave an example for a GPU
Some fields will need to be optional, and the format will need to evolve over time.  We expect require intelligence on behalf of the consumer and the information system will never be able to completely describe everything about the service.  It needs to be able to describe enough for people to submit test jobs automatically.

What about resource splits?
- It would be needed for Rebus.
- VOs have never used this for actually determining how many jobs to run.

VAC / Vcycle:
Some actions agreed at the previous meeting.  Both VAC and Vcycle talk to a VAC monitoring node which has enough information to create the necessary json.  Once Andy has finished scripting this, this would publish the information for all VAC / Vcycle sites.  For VAC sites in the GOCDB, there is a thing that looks like a ‘CE’, we would add an InformationSystem tag url to that.

We want units hardcoded into the names. e.g. resourcecapacityHS06, maxmainmemoryGB etc. Julia Andreeva is working on modifying names for json and will provide an update at the next WLCG info system meeting.


- Andy McNab has created a github: . Alastair will write a short policy, on how people can update it.

- RAL will produce hierarchical format.

- We will have another technical meeting on this after the next information system meeting.  ~ Mid January 2019.

- Alastair to talk to T2K about BDII decommissioning.

- David Crooks to contact the Argo developers and Matthew Viljoen to cover non-WLCG use cases.

- Alastair to contact SNO+ about BDII decommissioning.


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      New Information Service json for CE 45m

      Speakers: Alastair Dewhurst (Science and Technology Facilities Council STFC (GB)) , Alessandra Forti (University of Manchester (GB))
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      AoB 15m