CERN Computing Seminar

The Immersive Web ecosystem

by Diego Marcos Segura

31/3-004 - IT Amphitheatre (CERN)

31/3-004 - IT Amphitheatre


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Virtual Reality headsets are becoming more and more accessible to consumers, offering an immersive computing platform with both new opportunities and challenges. The Immersive Web Working Group at the W3C is making VR and AR first class citizens of the Web ecosystem enabling new types of browsers and content. Diego will give an overview of upcoming standards, new types of Web experiences and tools for content creation. There will be a demo station at the end for anybody to try web based VR experiences.

About the speaker

Diego Marcos Segura is a member of the original team that kick-started the WebVR W3C standard at Mozilla. Co-designer and co-maintainer of A-Frame, the most popular open source framework to build Web based VR experiences. Co-founder of Supermedium, a Web browser for VR content.