May 27 – 29, 2019
Europe/Helsinki timezone


Dumbbell holding competition results:

  1. Maggie Muhlleitner: 1m31s
  2. Elva Grandos: 1m26s
  3. Satumaaria Sukuvaara: 1m7s
  4. Venus Keus: 1m4s
  5. Hanna Lempiainen: 30s

  1. Rui Santos: 3m3s
  2. Kimmo Kainulainen: 3m1s
  3. Kristjan Kannike: 2m23s
  4. Victor Miralles: 2m15s
  5. Kaapo Seppanen: 2m15s
  6. Josemi No: 2m16s
  7. Michael Ramsey-Musolf: 2m7s
  8. Kalle Ala-Mattinen: 2m
  9. Daniel Cutting: 1m47s
  10. Joonas Hirvonen: 1m41s
  11. Luca Panizzi: 1m32s
  12. Marc Sher: 1m19s
  13. Niko Koivunen: 1m19s
  14. Timo Karkkainen: 1m5s
  15. Christophe Grojean: 0m12s

Results from poll for

  • Best part of the workshop
  • Most assertive chairperson (keeping the time by ANY means possible)
  • Best talk based on: sticking to the time, thanking the organisers (of course), not mentioning SUSY, uploading their slides on time, etc.