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WLCG Accounting Task Force Meeting

513/R-068 (CERN)



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Andrew, Ivan , John, Steve, Alessandro, Adrian, Costin, Maarten, Dimitrios, Julia


Discussion after presentation of Steve on HTCondor accounting:

Steve is going to describe in detail how scaling factor and reference value are being handled, complete workflow, so that people can understand it well.

Need to get in touch with condor developers to understand the best option for dealing with scaling factor of the WN. Julia and Steve will follow up with the condor development team. The reference factor (to translate time into HS06) can be manually injected via SQL commands to the APEL DB (this is what Steve has done) . Better option would be to specify it in the site configuration file and patch APEL client to read it form there (or from GocDB) rather than from BDII.

Steve needs to validate data published by a new parser to APEL. This might take two more weeks. By the next accounting meeting we might have a version which can be advertised to other sites which are planning to install condor. Steve mentioned Bristol as a potential candidate to evaluate new accounting parser, since they were planning to migrate to HTCondor, but were hesitant partially because of lacking accounting solution.


Discussion after presentation of Dimitrios on Storage Space Accounting.

Dimitrios asked people to click on the link and try application which yesterday had issues with multiple concurrent connections. John and Adrian apparently did not get proper response, even login screen did not show up.Could be a problem with MONIT infrastructure, Dimitrios will follow up.


Julia mentioned that validation of the results of WSSA via comparison with EGI storage space accounting prototype has been performed. For ATLAS agreement was not bad, for ALICE much worse. Julia will send results of comparison to John and Adrian.


At the GDB steering meeting yesterday it was planned an accounting review at the March GDB. Julia asked John, Adrian and Ivan whether they can come to CERN to give presentation and to take part in the discussion in person.







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      Implementation of the accounting reporting for HTCondor
      Speaker: Stephen Jones (Liverpool University)
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      WLCG Storage Space Accounting in production
      Speaker: Mr Dimitrios Christidis (University of Texas at Arlington (US))