Jun 10 – 15, 2019
Marmara University Sultanahmet Campus
Europe/Istanbul timezone

Mini Space Particle Telescope (MINI-SPT)

Jun 10, 2019, 3:30 PM
Marmara University Sultanahmet Campus

Marmara University Sultanahmet Campus



Emrah Kalemci (Sabanci University) Behcet Alpat (INFN Sez. di Perugia c/o Dipt. di Fisica (INFN)) Tülün Ergin


The goal of the Mini Space Particle Telescope (MINI-SPT) is to create a rad-hard, fast, compact, low power, weight and cost, particle detector system compatible with CubeSat standards. Direct measurement of the charged particle energies will be performed in crystal calorimeter. Moreover, time-of-flight with up/down separation, seven dE/dX samplings in silicon pixel and scintillator detectors, and particle tracking will be available. These measurements will allow modeling of highly dynamic events such as solar activity, as well as studying trapped radiation in South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA). In addition, the silicon-pixel detector will provide a real-time warning on space weather conditions hence to activate mitigation techniques for payloads and critical subsystems on host spacecraft. The project will provide a benchmark to use, for the first time in space, the Silicon Photo Multipliers (SIPMs) which are rapidly replacing the classical vacuum photomultipliers. The SIPMs will be tested for two major measurement techniques providing two physical quantities essential for most of the astroparticle physics experiments, calorimetry and time-of-flight.

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